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Private Practice 101

The online course that teaches you how to create and grow the private practice of your dreams. With Private Practice 101 you'll learn the business and marketing tools you need to successfully run a thriving practice!


Private Practice 101 is designed to provide you with all of the information you'll need to take your dream of working in private practice and make it a reality.

This e-course starts by helping you clearly define what your vision is for your practice and then taking that vision and turning it into an actionable plan to establish a foundation for you to build upon.

Once you've created your vision you'll be guided through the various aspects of private practice and learning the skills needed to think like a business owner and not just a clinician.

Topics covered include: Finances, Office Practices and Policies, Clinical Policies, and Marketing.

In addition to over 6 hours of content which you have lifetime access to, you will also be able to ask any questions you might have about particular topics via email, plus you get a FREE 30 Day subscription to Simple Practice and the Tax and Business Fundamentals for Mental Health Professionals webinar.


Jenn helped me find my unique voice as a therapist.

"Jenn's guidance and support has transformed my practice dramatically! Jenn helped me find MY unique voice as a therapist, abandoning who I thought I should be and in turn creating a space within me of authenticity that has clearly translated into happier, healthier clients...and a happier, healthier me. Jenn is totally on her game when it comes to knowing the less fun side...the business side of private practice, keeping me flourishing financially and within legal bounds. The most amazing thing about Jenn is that she does all of this (and so much more) in the most loving, supportive way, truly encouraging me every step along my journey. Forever grateful I am for Jenn's superpowers!" - Tristan Coopersmith,

MODULE #1: The Vision

  • Clarify what success means to you and the dream you have of your perfect private practice
  • Define what your product and service offering will be
  • Identify your ideal client and who you will serve
  • Describe your company culture
  • Develop the organizational structure of your private practice