Frequently Asked Questions…

How do the daily prompts work?

These prompts are intended to get you in front of the camera, talking to your audience, using the "stories" feature, however, feel free to use them as posts to your feed as well! Trends are showing that stories are where majority of people are spending their time when on social media and it's the best way to connect with your audience because we get to really see and know who you are!

The prompts will be emailed to you everyday. All emails come from so please make sure you have whitelisted this email address.

I’m not a therapist, is this right for me?

Yes!! Social Skyrocket for Soul is for ANYONE who wants to grow their social media and create more success and impact in their business and their life.

Is it really just $30 a month…that seems like a really low cost to be getting support every single day?

Haha…yes, $30 a month is a very reasonable price for what you are getting. I really wanted to remove any obstacle or barrier to joining because I believe so much in the power and impact of your success. People like you and me are the change makers. I want to see you succeed and thrive because I want to raise my children in a world where good people are doing great things.

Will everyone who joins be posting the same thing on the same day?

They are prompts are sent one at a time, in strategic order, and the order begins on the day that you join. So even though a lot of people will sign up for Social Skyrocket with Soul, no one will have the same prompts at the same time unless they join on the same day.

What is a “hot seat?”

Hot seats are where you will have the opportunity to get live coaching and feedback. We’ll put you in the “hot seat” and answer any questions you have, work through any blocks you’re experience, and we can audit your social media account.

What social media platform does this work for?

Such a good question! This is really intended for Facebook and Instagram. My guess is this is likely where most of your audience and ideal client is hanging out anyway. If your primary platforms are Twitter or LinkedIn, this probably isn’t the best membership for you. No doubt you will still get immense value from the trainings and the community, but you wouldn’t be able to take FULL advantage of the daily prompts.