Featured Therapist: Dr. Allen Berger

As a new therapist it can sometimes be hard to believe that it is possible to find success in private practice, and that is certainly the message that is translated in graduate schools. I thought it would be helpful if, each week, we featured a different therapist who is proving that success is possible in private practice. The intention with this series is to provide inspiration, hope, and diversity so you can see that not only is this possible, but also that there is no one right way to do it! This week, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Allen Berger:

Practice Details:

Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Hermosa Beach, CA



How long have you been in private practice (this can include pre-licensure)?

Since 1982, so 34 years.

How many clients do you see per week?

40 - 50

What is your full fee?

$250 for Individual therapy, $300 for couples or families.

Do you accept insurance?


Do you have a specialty?

Yes, recovery from addiction, emotional sobriety and family and couples treatment.

What is your favorite aspect of private practice?

Being of value to others and the unpredictability of what happens during a session.

What is your least favorite?

The isolation.

How much time per week do you put into marketing?

At this point in my practice I put very little time into marketing.

What are your favorite marketing activities?

Speaking at conferences and conducting workshops and retreats for those in recovery.

Have you tried any marketing activities that you felt were not helpful?

Yes, adds in papers or magazines.

What are your next step goals for your practice?

To move towards conducting webinars.