Checking Your Ego and Narcissism of Social Media

Ego and Social Media.png

I have yet to meet a therapist who has embraced social media with open arms. If you are one, please step forward and introduce yourself, because right now your existence is on par with magical unicorns.

Most therapists I meet and connect with are deeply plagued by how to use social media effectively and even deeper fears of being seen on these platforms.

The field of psychology is way behind the curve in embracing social media and online platforms as the new norm. We are riddled with messages of narcissism and pseudo-connection, and even scorned if we do choose to step into the current culture and utilize all of the platforms and opportunities available to us.

I feel like a bit of a black sheep sometimes in a world of uptight, rigid, stuffy therapists who hide themselves behind a mask in the name of professionalism.

It saddens me that in a field that is purported to be based in empathy, understanding, and healing we encounter so much negativity, judgment and naysayers.

People, usually therapists, often ask me if it feels narcissistic to post so much about myself on social media.  They ask if I worry people will formulate opinions about my work based on how much I disclose on my social media accounts. If you follow me on Instagram or read any of my blog posts then you probably have seen how transparent I am about my struggles... and my strengths.

So, allow me to answer this question in the most straight-forward way possible:

  • I’m sure there are people who don’t like how I use social media.

  • I’m sure some consider me vain for being the heartbeat (and face) of my brand.

  • I’m sure others think I’m silly, ridiculous, and unprofessional for using social media for business growth.


And to them I say:  LOOK THE OTHER WAY.

I hope you say the same.

Social media has empowered me to do one of two things for prospective clients:  Attract or Repel.  The more I share who I am, how I help, and my way of doing business, the more I attract clients who just get me.

These clients turn into loyal supporters of my services and THEY are the reason my business continues to flourish.

Does it feel awkward to use social media?  Does it require planning?  Does it feel icky when people say mean things?  Yes. Yes. Yes.

But all of that fades when I get to work with amazing clients, do what I love, and run a profitable business

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