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Iā€™m Dr. Jenn Chrisman!


I'm a psychologist and private practice expert. I help therapists build the private practices of their dreams.

Are you a therapist or helping professional ready to build a thriving business in private practice?

Good! Because that is exactly what I help people do around here.

This community was originally created to provide inspiration and hope for therapists wanting to build their own private practices. By and large the message to aspiring therapists is that working in private practice is hard and it is seemingly discouraged by the graduate education. However, the reality is, if there is ever any chance of paying back those student loans, private practice is the best option.

A private practice allows a therapist to earn a wonderful income, while providing the flexibility and pleasure of working with clients of your own choosing, in your own environment. While developing a private practice doesn't happen over night and it doesn't happen without effort, it is absolutely possible and can even be enjoyable! Here are a few more beliefs this blog holds:

  • We believe you have the inherent power to build a business that creates a profit, brings you joy, and changes people's lives.

  • We believe that you have a big vision for what you really want out of your career and we're here to help you bring it to life.

  • We believe you deserve happiness, love, and respect in all aspects of your life and we're here to offer tools so you can bring those feelings to all of your experiences.

The bottom line is this: You are doing something so important and so meaningful and you have a special gift that only you can bring to the world and to your clients. We're here to help you figure out how to get that message out there into the world and to experience all of the benefits that come with that!

Who Is Behind This Wonderful Community?

My name is Jenn Chrisman and I am a psychologist practicing in Hermosa Beach, CA. When I entered grad school in 2005 I knew going into it that my ultimate goal was to be in private practice. I can remember sitting in almost every class that first year and hearing from my professors to not expect to make much money going into this field. I can remember the frustration at hearing that message and also the confusion. I had been in therapy, I knew how much therapists charged, I did the math. I wasn't taking on $100K in student loan debt to not make any money!

I was very fortunate, early on, to find the therapists that were out there doing it, making a successful living working in private practice. I surrounded myself with people that had what I wanted and I watched them and learned from them. I did what they did while finding my own voice and style as a therapist.

In 2012, while pregnant with my second child I decided to take on my first intern. I felt like I had outgrown my practice as I was seeing as many clients as I wanted to be seeing while still receiving no shortage of referrals. In my development as a supervisor I discovered that what I really loved about working with interns was helping them to build their own practices.

My passion for inspiring others fueled this site and I am excited to watch it continue to grow and to be able to encourage more therapists ready to take their lives and careers to the next level!

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